Pocket Money Project


 Pocket Money Project promotes economic independence for some of the under privileged kids at Tibetan Children Village school in upper Dharamsala, India by providing a network of additional financial assistance to help them thrive in their school life.This project is also committed to find ways to help the needed "pockets" in the exile community.


As a former student, with the experience of Tibetan boarding school life, we know what it is like having experience the childhood isolated from the family. Although the children are generally provided and cared for by the Central Tibetan Administration through the support system built within the boarding schools provided housings with foster parents.  It would be difficult to provide guidance and emotional stability for all the kids by the foster parents and the school.  I feel that it is our responsibility to get involved somehow to help the kids with their experience.  

We can all somehow relate or feel that it is necessary to provide additional help and support, especially to those children who are poor, orphaned, separated with no one to rely on for their needs, which disables them from thriving in school and even beyond.  It may seem counter-productive to give money to the kids and let them spoil, it may but not having any pocket money to spend on even a piece of candy can be devastating and weakening for the minds of children.  For the lack of money could lead to acquiring some through various means which could hinder their development process in aging and especially in their education.


We are all connected through our memories.  We can remember back to when were young children in Tibetan boarding schools or anywhere you had lived and schooled, we had our good times and bad times.  Now that we are adults, graduated from the nurturing nursery of Tibetan boarding schools, shouldering responsibility and giving back to the community that has made us who we are right now.  If we don't start help with building and strengthening our own community, little by little we will lose touch with the reality of our own identity.  Through this project that we have kept alive in our heart despite all the distractions that come our way, we are able, with the help of our wonderful friends, to take part in the responsibility of being product of the Tibetan boarding school or any community and a fellow human on this earth.



Your contribution of any amount helps because the money goes directly into their pockets, which they get to spend on themselves. 

• The pocket money we are trying to raise, supports these kids are more than the pocket money they usually receive from the school. So with your financial assistance, you are actually saving the money for the school which they could use that to fund their education and facilities for better learning environment. 

 Kids mental stages are very delicate. Most of the kids show less interest on studies and more on playing games, fun activities, and desire to eat junk food. When they can’t meet those desires they tend to separate themselves from the society and could wound up becoming delinquent as means of exertion. So through your contributions to this pocket money project, you are actually creating an abstract condition for the kids to become a better person.